Hi, welcome to Goddess Behaviors!

Goddess Behaviors is a spiritual space where you'll find tools to help you connect to self. We are all about getting grounded, clearing chakras so you have no blockages to show up at your best!

We've also created crystal packs to aid in meditations, cleansing rituals for your home and yourself, as well as crystal jewelry to keep your intentions in the front of your mind.

Everyone is a Goddess and deserves to live their best life! If you're tired and feel like you are stuck in a rut, or feel like you want to take your life or business to the next level; I invite you to come on in! Take a look around and whatever jumps out at you, be a little curious! More than likely you've found your match! Even if it doesn't seem like something you need right now, you never know what the future is calling for you or trying to tell you!

Meet the owner!

Just so you know who you're shopping with! My name is Ariel and I just want to welcome you to this special place on the web! Goddess Behaviors was birthed out of my own spiritual journey over the years! I was in a very dark place a few years back and one day it was so heavy it was overwhelming!

While I was on my lunch break I was like I need to do something to get myself together. Out of nowhere I googled the nearest crystal shop and ended up getting two soothing stones; one was howlite and the other was shungite! (Forever grateful to the universe for that nudge because I had never even held a crystal)

From there I’ve learned how to work with crystals, journaling, visualising through meditating with them, infusing them into my yoga, my everyday life, and even the water I drink! Crystals were the gateway to MY spiritual journey and awakening! You see I grew up very religious, in fact I’m a PK aka Preachers Kid! At that point and time, I needed to see who God was for myself not my parents, not the church, nor anyone else.

And more than anything I need to have a deeper connection to myself. I felt like I was being pulled this way and that way, everything was based on a reactionary lifestyle as opposed to being intentional. I was struggling on all fronts of life as a single mom!

Fast forward 3 years and I quit my 9-5 to have a remote career as well as start this business! I just got married last year to my best friend! And I’m renovating my home to be everything I want! (That was a blessing in disguise because we had a kitchen fire that ruined everything, more on that later) I also got my Yoga Teacher Training finished last year and just wrapped up my associate's degree this week (May 2022)!

I say all that to say, you can have the life you want! It takes living an intentional life and through crystals, creating rituals, as well as other spiritual tools; I’d love the opportunity to share them and how they’ve helped me!