Welcome to Goddess Behaviors!

Have you ever been so busy taking care of everyone else that you forget to check in on yourself? Goddess Behaviors is here as your daily reminder to check in with your most important person...you! Here you'll find tools to help you implenet Goddess Behaviors... aka taking care of self! From crystals to support you, jewelry to remind you on the daily you are loved, supported, and a bad ass! And last but not least to create a community who all goes through life and is on the healing process together! You are not alone Goddess!


Goddess Behaviors is a lifestyle!

It's incorporating these tools as well as creating your own rituals so you can show up unapologetic, healed, re-energized, grounded, and intentional about the way you want to live your life! If you don't know where to start let's chat about what's going on in your life and how crystals can help you take it to the next level! Everyones journey is completely different so don't overthink it or feel like you have to be like someone else! My goal is to help you show up as the best you and channel your inner GODDESS! Every crystal was picked with a Goddess like you in mind!

Check out our Mini Apophyllite Collection!

These dreamy pieces hold so much energy and will illuminate any space you're in. I love to keep these where I'm in close proximity to them! Best places are on your desk, nightstand, bathroom, or even your kitchen window sill!

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